Make a Submission


Any observer who believes that they have recorded a species in NSW which is on the NSW ORAC Review List is strongly encouraged to make a submission to the committee using the standard NSW ORAC Unusual Record Report Form (URR Form). As much information as possible should be included in the submission including detailed description (including plumage details, bare parts, etc) size, shape, behaviour, calls if any, feeding behaviour, etc. Any field notes taken at the time or shortly after should be included and, of course, photographs if taken can greatly assist in the assessment process.

The committee does not ‘reject’ claimed sightings but, if there is deemed to be insufficient evidence to be certain of identification, it may vote not to accept the report. The committee’s decisions form the basis for understanding changes in range extensions and contractions, changes in migration patterns and whether a species numbers are increasing or declining – it is therefore important that claimed sightings are carefully appraised. It is certainly not an imperative to acquire a photograph of a claimed sighting and numerous submissions have been accepted based on very good descriptive evidence.

The downloadable NSW ORAC URR Form below can be completed electronically and returned to the Secretary – the observer will be informed in writing of the committee’s decision when the voting process has been completed.

Guidelines for submissions